Behavioral Pathway Systems (BPS) is the industry leader in the provision of behavioral health benchmarking services. It is the vision of BPS to utilize benchmarking processes to identify and disseminate best practices in behavioral health and human service settings.

BPS also offers a broad range of performance management, outcomes measurement, quality improvement, and consultative services. BPS is at the cutting edge of innovation in assisting organizations to achieve excellence in the clinical, administrative and financial realms of performance.

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Behavioral Pathway Systems is a pioneer in bringing a comprehensive range of affordable and practical benchmarks to the behavioral health/human services field. Benchmarks in the financial, operational, and clinical domains are available. Compare your organization's outcomes with those of others to provide a vital context for interpreting performance. Benchmarks are available for only $40.00 each or less in special packages. BPS also co-sponsors tailored national and regional benchmarking initiatives with professional associations. More...
Performance Management
Behavioral Pathway Systems has developed a unique six point Strategy-Driven Performance Management Model. How effectively does your organization use performance data to drive organizational improvement? How can performance data more effectively be used to fulfill your strategic vision? How can you establish a performance dashboard that keeps your organization on track? The BPS Performance Management Model provides answers to these questions. More...

Best Practices
BPS has developed a unique approach, known as process benchmarking, that is used to identify potential best practices. Process benchmarking is an effective and exciting approach that reveals the “secrets” of top performers. Whether used to discern the potential best practices of individuals, programs or organizations, process benchmarking can pave the way to dramatic enhancements in performance. Learn how you can bring the insights of this “evidence-based” approach to your organization. More...

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