Behavioral Pathway Systems offers consultative assistance in the areas of
benchmarking, performance management, outcomes measurement, data-driven
decision-making, strategic planning, program development, and a range of
operational and clinical domains. A flexible and affordable range of consultative
arrangements is made available. BPS personnel bring with them years of relevant experience in helping you to enhance your organization’s performance. Contact us if you need help with any of the following:

• Strategic planning and strategy-driven performance measurement
• Establishing a performance measurement/outcomes management plan
• Evaluating and re-designing your performance measurement/outcomes management system
• Establishing a targeted program evaluation process
• Examining cost-effectiveness
• Understanding the data generated by your information system
• Applying financial, operational, or clinical benchmarks to your organization
• Using benchmarks as a basis for organizational improvement
• Establishing an internal benchmarking process
• Establishing an external benchmarking process with other organizations
• Conducting needs assessment for proposed programming
• Evaluating the community impact of your services
• Improving service delivery integration
• Expanding or enhancing your continuum of care, such as adding partial hospitalization and/or intensive outpatient programming

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