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Behavioral Pathway Systems (BPS) was established in 1998 as a listed JCAHO ORYX performance reporting system. In response to changes in the ORYX program, BPS embarked upon a strategic planning process and industry assessment in 2003. It was learned that the most significant gap in the realm of performance measurement was in the area of benchmarking. Readily available and affordable comparative benchmarks were simply not available to behavioral health leaders. Yet a strong need was expressed for benchmarks that could provide a comparative context for understanding measured organizational performance.

In response to the industry assessment, BPS made a strategic commitment to significantly shift its mission and focus. BPS decided to support the vital needs of behavioral health leaders by providing a broad range of benchmarks in the areas of clinical, operational and financial performance. It was also determined that BPS would advocate for benchmarking as a valuable management tool throughout the behavioral health industry. Finally, it was decided that BPS would seek to add to the knowledge of “best practices” in behavioral health through the introduction and development of “process benchmarking”. Most recently, BPS introduced its Strategy-Driven Performance Management Model to provide an overarching conceptual structure for the management of organizational performance. BPS terminated its involvement as a listed ORYX system in 2006.

In 2012, BPS merged with Netsmart, the leading knowledge and technology partner in behavioral health. As part of the Netsmart family, BPS has access to new technological and material resources, allowing the company to move forward with contributing to the body of knowledge and best practices around benchmarking in the behavioral health community. In addition, the merger adds new opportunities for expanded sample sizes, ultimately leading to better and more quickly derived best practices and benchmarks

The mission of Behavioral Pathway Systems is to make benchmarking data readily and affordably available to all behavioral health and human services providers in the United States.

It is the vision of Behavioral Pathway Systems to serve as the premier provider of behavioral health benchmarking services. However, our ultimate vision is to contribute meaningfully to the body of knowledge about best practices in behavioral health and to assist organizations in enhancing their efforts to achieve organizational excellence.
IBehavioral Pathway Systems has assembled a talented and dedicated team of leaders to ensure that its mission and vision are fulfilled. What may distinguish BPS from its performance management competitors is the experience its leadership team brings in the direct administration of behavioral health services. This helps ensure an emphasis on data that has practical value to the behavioral health decision-maker.  Click here to meet the leadership team.

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