Paul M. Lefkovitz, Ph.D.
President, Behavioral Pathway Systems
General Manager, Benchmarking Services, Netsmart

Paul M. Lefkovitz, Ph.D. Paul M. Lefkovitz, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist whose work has encompassed clinical, administrative, research, and consultative roles in the areas of behavioral health service delivery and performance measurement. Since 1974, he has held progressive leadership positions within the hospital and community-based sectors of the industry including several years at the CEO level. He has been an active contributor to the professional literature and presents regularly at regional and national conferences. He is a past-president of the Association for Ambulatory Behavioral Healthcare and continues to serve on the National Advisory Panel of its Board of Directors. He is also immediate past-Chair of the Joint Commission’s Behavioral Health Professional and Technical Advisory Committee. In addition, he has served as a Clinical Associate Professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine. He was the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Partial Hospitalization and Continuum. Dr. Lefkovitz is active in behavioral health advocacy groups and serves on the Boards of Mental Health America in Indiana, The Indiana Mental Health Foundation, and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill-Indianapolis Chapter.

Selected Addresses and Publications

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  • Lefkovitz, Paul M. (1974). Program evaluation in a day treatment center. Goal Attainment Review. 1: 44-48

David Doty, Ph.D.
Benchmarking Specialist

David Doty Ph.D. Over the past thirty-five years David has served on the Clinical Psychology faculty at SUNY-Albany, and has held a variety of leadership positions across the behavioral health, child welfare, and juvenile justice arenas. He has served as Director of Child and Adolescent Services in the New York State Office of Mental Health, as well as being responsible for continuous quality improvement, outcome evaluation, and professional standards in two different comprehensive child and family serving organizations in Pennsylvania. He has published numerous professional articles.

Dr. Doty has been on the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Community Providers Association for 20 years, including serving as President from 1994-95 and as Co-Chair of the PCPA benchmarking initiative for over five years. As an independent consultant he has assisted numerous client organizations achieving JCAHO Accreditation and strategic planning, as well as with the development of outcome management and performance improvement programs.

In his private life Dr. Doty currently has served as President of the Board of Directors of Wyoming Valley Habitat for Humanity and as a Board member of the Interfaith Center for Peace and Justice in Wilkes-Barre, PA. He enjoys sharing life and as much time as possible with his wife, Susan, and their five children and five granddaughters.

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Doty, D.W., McInnis, T., Paul, G.L. Remediation of negative side effects of an ongoing response-cost system with chronic mental patients. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 1974, 7, 191-198.
  • McInnis, T.L., Himelstein, H., Doty, D.W., and Paul, G.L. Modification of sampling exposure procedures for increasing facilities utilization by chronic psychiatric patients. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 1974, 5, 119-127.
  • Doty, D.W. Role-playing and incentives in the modification of the social interaction of chronic psychiatric patients. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1975, 43, 676-682.
  • Doty, D.W. Managed Foster Care: Opportunity or Oxymoron? OPEN MINDS: The Behavioral Healthcare Industry Analyst, April, 1995.
  • Doty, D.W. Can Long-Term Care Services Be Managed? OPEN MINDS: The Behavioral Healthcare Industry Analyst, September 1995.
  • Doty, D.W. Can Managed Care Work for the Developmentally Disabled? OPEN MINDS: The Behavioral Healthcare Industry Analyst, February, 1996.
  • Doty, D.W. The Essential Children’s Services Planner: Managed Care Preparedness, Program Redesign, and Business Development. CentraLink Publishers: Tiburon, CA, 1996.
  • “Preparing Your Treatment Foster Care Organization to Survive and Thrive in Managed Environments”. Special Pre-Conference Institute presented at Foster Family-based Treatment Association Annual Conference, Little Rock, AR, July 1996.
  • Pennsylvania Community Providers Association & Doty, D.W. Mission Possible: Visions and Recommendations for Improving the Management of Services for Individuals with Long-term Social, Medical, and Developmental Needs, 1997.
  • “Outcome Management: Principles and Pitfalls” presentation at Institute for International Research Conference on “Providing Child Welfare Services in a Managed Care Environment”, Chicago, IL, April, 1997.
  • “From Outcome Evaluation to Outcome Management: Taking Outcomes to the Next Level” a workshop conducted at the Annual Foster Family-based Treatment Association Conference, Toronto, Canada, July, 1997
  • “Outcomes, Productivity, and Performance Management”; all-day workshop conducted for the Child Care Association of Illinois; Springfield, Illinois, June 1998.
  • “Outcomes Management: Resolving Confusion and Paradox” a workshop conducted for the Pennsylvania Community Providers Association Annual Conference; October, 2001.
  • Invited Facilitator for Pennsylvania Community Providers Association Strategic Planning Retreat; April 2003, 2004, and 2005 and for Pennsylvania Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Strategic Planning Retreat; July 2006.

Donnia Stabler
Technical Support Coordinator - Webmaster

Donnia StablerDonnia Stabler has over 15 years experience in the customer service industry and 7 years of IT experience. She has been developing and maintaining websites for several years, and is currently pursuing her degree in Web Design. She has a strong commitment to customer service excellence that will continue to serve the needs of our BPS clients. Donnia also serves BPS with her Webmaster skills and will strive to keep our site current and innovative.

Stephen Foster
Technology Director

Stephen FosterStephen Foster has over 20 years experience providing information systems management and design. He possesses several certifications from technology vendors such as Microsoft, Novell, and Hewlett Packard. His experience includes executive and director level management, consulting, software development, database design, and team mentoring in both external client and internal support environments. Stephen has worked for BPS for over three years and is looking forward to helping BPS continue to meet their customers' needs through efficient and effective technology solutions.