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Behavioral Pathway Systems is the premier industry resource for behavioral health and human services benchmarking. The BPS web site provides one-stop shopping for benchmarks in many facets of the field of behavioral health and human services.

Why Consider Benchmarking?
Consider this. A thermometer would have little value as a measure of your health, if you didn’t know that 98.6° were normal. Similarly, measures of organizational performance are simply “numbers” in the absence of a context. Benchmarking transforms data into actionable information. Research has clearly demonstrated that providing a comparative context for performance measures leads to significant improvements.

BPS Benchmarks... $40 Per Benchmark (Or Less)!

Broad Selection
BPS brings you a wide array of behavioral health and human services benchmarks that can be employed as powerful management tools. Some of these have been developed by Behavioral Pathway Systems while others are brought to you in collaboration with professional associations and organizations that have carried out their own benchmarking efforts, such as the Mental Health Corporations of America (MHCA) and the Association for Ambulatory Behavioral Healthcare (AABH).  Click here  for a listing of benchmarks currently available.

An individualized benchmarking report can be obtained on-line right now without a contract or any other advance arrangements. 

BPS benchmarks are available at $40.00 per benchmark. There are no minimum purchase requirements. Volume discounts are available (click here  for details). Also, special pricing of $600.00 is offered on our package of 10 benchmarks of your choice that includes unlimited repeat benchmarking for one year. The ultimate package includes full, unlimited access for one year to all listed benchmarks for $1,500. A tailored plan can also be developed that is targeted to your unique needs.  Contact us for further details.

User-Defined Benchmarking Reports
Select from a comprehensive array of benchmarks that are available. Custom-design your own benchmarking report based upon what is relevant to your organization. One item or over 50! Click here  to view the selection of BPS benchmarks. To view a sample benchmarking report click here .

Benchmarking Initiatives
BPS works in concert with national and regional professional associations to co-sponsor formalized benchmarking initiatives. These initiatives, which are tailored to the unique needs of the sponsoring association, pursue three objectives: (1) to produce aggregated data that can be used by the sponsoring association for advocacy and planning purposes, (2) to provide individualized benchmarking reports to each participating organization, and (3) to conduct process benchmarking workshops that seek to identify best practices. Data can be submitted through direct file transmission or specially designed on-line surveys. These initiatives also feature a monthly audio conference series and other opportunities for professional development in the realm of benchmarking and performance management. These initiatives are intended to raise the level of organizational performance among participating entities.

For a listing of active benchmarking initiatives, click here .